Christina Aguilera And Cher Do A Late Night Filming Of New Movie “Burlesque”

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Here are a few pics of Christina Aguilera and Cher filming scenes from their new movie “Burlesque”; it’s about a small-town girl who ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer. In other words, it’s the same old tired Hollywood fable about women actually enjoying being exploited in strip clubs. They FIND THEMSELVES, people. Let’s see, make a useful contribution to society vs. shoving my ass crack into stranger’s faces for money….hmmm…I choose ass crack for $100 (plus all my dignity, self-respect, and lack of STD’s), Alex!

Seriously, why do they keep shoving this tired shite down our throats? Girls who go to LA to become actresses or whatever, they don’t suddenly walk into a strip club and have some kind of epiphany moment where they suddenly realize that HOLY COW they have been completely wasting their lives, and all they really need to be whole is to put on a g-string. Puhlease. That’s about the very last resort, and it’s utterly ridiculous for Hollywood to tell us otherwise. Humph.

Oh, yeah – pics!!!

Christina Aguilera and Cher do a late night filming of new movie  Burlesque  100109X1 AGUILERA B GR 01 jpg

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