Chris Pratt Once Flashed Amy Poehler On The Parks and Rec Set, And NBC Was Not Amused

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Chris Pratt Late Night With Seth Meyers July 2014

Professional adorable person (no, really, I think that's on his business card) Chris Pratt went on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night to discuss that time he surprised Amy Poehler with a view of his penis while filming a Parks and Recreation scene. Needless to say, NBC was not amused. They don't really have any place to be offended by practical jokes, however, since they cast both Carrie Underwood and Allison Williams in live musicals. Badum-bum!

Anyway, I'll take a break from my stand-up comedy routine and explain the whole “Chris Pratt flashing Amy Poehler” situation. It was for a scene pretty early in the series where Ann (Rashida Jones) asks Chris' character Andy to come over to her house, and he mistakenly thinks she wants sex, so he doesn't bother wearing any clothes, not realizing that Leslie (Amy) will be answering the door. Chris explains that usually for scenes like this where a character's private parts are going to be pixelated, the actor would wear flesh-colored underwear. That's what Chris was supposed to do, but doing what you're supposed to do is boring, so obviously he just went completely naked. He used to be an amateur stripper, so he's probably used to it.

And even though NBC scolded him for it and even sent him a letter warning him not to joke about it, they still used that take on the actual show. So they couldn't have been that upset about it, because it got a genuine and hilarious reaction from Amy, which you can watch for yourself during Chris' interview. Chris worries that NBC might decide to fire him for making light of the situation, but I'm pretty sure he's safe. We might not be especially enthusiastic about Parks and Rec‘s upcoming final season, but I think his absence might cause mass outrage.