The Ellen DeGeneres Show Reveals How To Tell The Difference Between Chris Pratt And Andy Dwyer

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Each time I see an interview with Chris Pratt, I grow ever more convinced that he is essentially playing himself when he plays Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. But if you watch carefully, this clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show shows a few key ways in which he is different from Andy.

Yesterday, Chris went on Ellen‘s show to promote his new movie Zero Dark Thirty, in which he plays Bert Macklin, a wunderkind FBI agent with a dark secret (just kidding), and he was his usual charmingly oafish self. When Ellen asked him if he's a good husband to his wife Anna Faris, he got somewhat giggly and admitted to leaving his towels on the floor, but said he wasn't doing it on purpose. “That is how my brain works,” he explained, saying he can only see things if he's looking directly at them, then demonstrated by seeing the audience for the first time.

Difference #1: Chris is married to someone who cares about cleanliness, while Andy is married to someone who eats off of frisbees because she doesn't feel like washing any plates. (This difference is not technically about him, but I'll take it.)

Next, Ellen put up the photo Chris had tweeted of his newfound Zero Dark Thirty physique, in which he sports a confusing amount of good muscle tone, plus a pair of Ellen underwear.

Difference #2: Chris has the ability to train his body into a temporary state of perfection, while I'm fairly certain any type of severe exercise would spell death for Andy.

Then Andy Chris talked about his baby son, and how nice it is that he, a world weary rich and famous person, is getting excited about the simple things in life again by rediscovering them through the eyes of a child who is experiencing them for the first time.

Difference #3: Andy Dwyer has zero trouble getting excited about the simple things in life.

And then he talked about how his kid's first fruit was also the first prank he and Anna played on him (as it was a lemon) and did that “oh ho ho ho” laugh he likes to do, and the lines blurred once again. But to the well-trained eye, those three differences remained.

(Via EllenTV)