Video: Chris O’Dowd Stars In Surprisingly Awful Male Breast Cancer Awareness PSA

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Chris O'Dowd is generally a likable actor. From cult hit “The IT Crowd” to actual hit Bridesmaids, to his great, nuanced, performance in Friends With Kids, he seems to choose good parts for himself. Which is why I was so very baffled when I saw his latest turn as the “health and safety officer at the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships” in what might be the most nonsensical PSA ever created.

Presented by the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and the breast cancer awareness org Coppafeel!, the video's goal is supposedly to raise awareness of male breast cancer. But seeing as the only thing that gets men's attention is close-up shots of women's tits and asses, that's mostly what it consists of. They also wear knee socks (because hello, hott) and massage each other. (OMG LESBIANS!) I kept waiting for a punchline to justify the whole thing, but instead I was simply directed to the website, which features this charming front page:

Get it? Because men love boobs? Ass, titties, ass and titties! Ass ass titties titties ass and titties!

Forgive me if I'm being curmudgeonly, but I feel like there should be a way to spread awareness of what is primarily a women's disease while still respecting both sexes. And like Chris O'Dowd should be a little pickier about what kinds of PSAs he participates in.

(Via Jezebel)