Birthday Boy Chris Messina Has Played Every Type Of Guy You’ve Ever Dated

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Chris Messina birthday roles The Newsroom Six Feet Under Ruby Sparks

Today is Chris Messina‘s 38th birthday! …And if your immediate response is to ask, “Who?”, just look at the photo above. “Ahh!” you say, realization dawning. “That guy!” He's like a character actor, but not one who's utilized for quirky looks; he's conventionally good-looking, which means he can play either some dreamboat or (more often) an attractive asshole. Vulture articulates really well how we can always relate to Chris' characters: “As the audience surrogate, Messina gets to say the things we think but do not say in those situations—and we thank him for it.”

Personally, I first encountered him on Six Feet Under in 2005, but it's perfectly acceptable if you're a fan of his from years before or years after. So in honor of Chris' birthday, we're going through his most recognizable roles and what kind of guy he's represented in each. Not only will you recognize his face in some of your favorite shows/movies, but you'll also probably relate to the kind of guy he's played since you've encountered that in real life.

Photo: Brian To/WENN.com