Paternity Tests Everywhere Rumble In Their Boxes As Chris Klein And Katie Holmes Get Back Together

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Anonymous sources, various insiders and loyal friends are working overtime lately in a valiant effort to inform the public that Katie Holmes is reuniting with her ex-fiance Chris Klein. Everywhere you look, there's new information leaking out about their rekindled relationship and their romantic reunion.

Yesterday Blind Gossip claimed the Katie was texting Chris while he was in rehab at Cirque Lodge. Because nothing says sexty quite like “Do u wanna hang out? Or r u still in rehab? Also ur a dad. lol. srlsy.”

Naturally everyone's thrilled about them getting back together. Not necessarily for them, because as a couple they're kind of a vanilla on vanilla —  but for the drama that will result from them taking this relationship public. Just when you the thought the divorced fizzled out way too quickly, they hit you again with this scandalous romance. It's like When Harry Met Sally meets Jumanji. So much excitement! So much heartache! So much Robin Williams?


At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if he came forward as Suri Cruise's biological father. In the same way that I wouldn't be shocked if Tom Cruise confessed to having yearly face lifts. And Chris Klein confessed that Here on Earth was way too long of a movie. (Because it was and I still hold it against him.)

While Katie and Chris haven't confirmed their new romance yet, I just know we're days away from a photo leaking of the two making out on top of L. Ron Hubbard's grave. While Suri Cruise fills out her emancipation papers.

She has gymnastics classes to take and school supplies to buy and memoirs to write, she doesn't have time for her mother's love antics.

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