Chris Hemsworth Sets The Husband Bar Super High By Wearing His Wife’s Number Around His Neck

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Chris Hemsworth TIFF Rush premiere September 2013

In case you were concerned that Hemsworth Week had ended when you weren't looking, have no fear. It's still all Hemsworth, all the time around these parts. So celebrate by putting some shrimp on the barbie and reading this adorable story about Chris Hemsworth setting the husband bar so high that men everywhere will forever feel like Hobbits trying to reach it. Luckily Liam Hemsworth dodged the marriage bullet for now, so he doesn't have to worry about living up to his hunky brother's sweet husbandy behavior. Specifically the fact that Chris wears an “in case of emergency” tag around his neck with his wife Elsa Pataky's name and phone number. You can see the pictures, complete with the blurred-out phone number, right here, but be warned that if you look at it, you will forever expect all your lovahs to do the same.

Not only do I find this to be incredibly cute, but it furthers my suspicion that Chris really is just a big blue-eyed golden retriever. No need to put up any “Lost Chris” signs around town if Elsa misplaces him at the mall. If we are, however, to assume that Chris is in fact not a dog and really is a human man (I'll believe it when I see the DNA test), this is simply the sweetest thing. I hope it becomes the new version of the wedding band. It's practical and personal, and if Chris (Thor forbid) ever gets too flirty with a non-wife lady, said lady can just take a peek at his tag and give his wife a call to let her know he's misbehaving. Maybe if Liam and Miley had used this technique instead of sending that engagement ring to the cleaner's every other day, the relationship would have twerked out better.

In conclusion, where has Chris Hemsworth been hiding all my life? More importantly, does the other side of that tag feature the URL of a website where I can buy my own Hemsworth? Do they take credit cards? Does the Aussie accent come all ready to go or do I have to buy a separate installation package? How do I inquire about this?

(Photo: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.com)