Chris Hemsworth Celebrated Father’s Day By Reminding Us He’s A Total DILF

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It's so awkward knowing that 10 years from now India Rose Hemsworth will have to deal with the fact that all her friends think her father, Chris Hemsworth, is a huge DILF. It will be even more awkward when she finds out Uncle Liam Hemsworth is also considered one.

(You know, after he divorced Aunt Miley Cyrus and took full custody of their children and banned them from ever seeing Grandaddy Cyrus. The future history of the Hemsworth-Cyrus divorce is legendary, but it's not really a polite topic of conversation for a balmy Monday morning.)

But that's the way life is when the mere act of your father taking off his shirt makes headlines. He has an amazing body. I mean, we all knew that. He's Thor. He's The Huntsman. He's the leading man in every single 2013 movie that hasn't already cast Channing Tatum.

It's still nice to get a reminder though. To see why we're all obsessing over him and dreaming about him and going all middle school on him by softly muttering, “Jenni Hemsworth, I like the sound of that” to ourselves.

(Photo: Just Jared)