Who Wants To See Chris Hemsworth Touch Himself In His Thor Costume?

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Chris Hemsworth Thor: The Dark World body double on-set photo

Yesterday, the latest set photos from Thor: The Dark World gave us a wonderful sight: A bizarre but sweet shot of star Chris Hemsworth and his stunt double, both in full Thor costume and blonde wigs, shooting the shit while waiting to shoot the next scene. I wish I knew why the double is touching Hemsworth's face, because that’s the part of the shot that made most of the female population simultaneously orgasm when they clicked the link. (Sorry but not sorry.) Maybe they’re comparing notes on how to keep their locks so luscious, or checking that they have the same battle make-up.

This might be the most successful paparazzi photo we’ve seen in weeks, because it’s gold for so many people:

  • Actual comics fans excited to see what director Alan Taylor has in store for The Dark World.
  • Fanfiction writers who have been looking for an excuse to write Thor/Thor slash.
  • The Crushable readers who loved our celebrity stunt doubles gallery.

My guess is that the double here is Matthew LeFevour, who has been Hemsworth's double in Thor and The Avengers; so, safe to assume that they brought him on for this third installment. Speaking to Italian site Comicus (translation via Comic Book Movie), he praised Hemsworth for really crafting the character from the ground up:

“We had an opportunity to work together on a past film and we both really enjoyed each others attitude and work habits. We stayed in touch and got a chance to work together again on Thor. He is a machine. He has a tireless approach to the gym and his physique. When Marvel chose to use him as Thor, he started doing his research on Norse mythology to have a better understanding of the character. As for bringing the character to life, he used comic books to match poses and recreate authentic Thor poses. The beauty of it all is that Chris brought Chris to Thor and that element is what I think fans will come back for.”

For all we know, that's why Matthew is touching Hemsworth's face, 'cause he just admires him so much. Perhaps the only thing that could’ve improved this tableau would be Tom Hiddleston popping up in the background making his “ehehe” face. Still, strong showing. Props to The Mary Sue for noticing this!

Photo: WENN.com