Chris Hemsworth’s Goofy Grin Stars In The Overly Accepting Thor Meme

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Overly Accepting Thor meme Chris Hemsworth smile The Avengers Loki

Tumblr's been so great for coming up with shortlived memes related to The Avengers! From .gifs to a surprising amount of original animated work, Joss Whedon‘s superhero film really lends itself to goofy internet memes. And interestingly, for most of the Thor-related ones, there's been this photo of Chris Hemsworth. Not surprising, since it's a funny candid shot where he looks kind of confused but also really happy.

I've seen this image made into “Thoréal” jokes and the like, but the meme that's made me consistently giggle is Overly Accepting Thor: The superpowered god just grins obliviously and goes along with anything, no matter if it's his adopted brother Loki screwing him over or him getting beaten up by the Incredible Hulk. (Related: Reddit has taken on a similar version of the meme, but with a different photo and a racier joke, Sexually Oblivious Thor.) Check out our favorites in the gallery below.