Double The Hemsworth, Double The Fun: Chris And Liam Should Play Steve McQueen And His Stunt Double

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The stars must have aligned, because today blessed news came down from the Hollywood heavens: Chris and Liam Hemsworth might be teaming up for a movie! With both Australian brothers becoming instant A-listers due to their combined movie roles — Thor, Cabin in the Woods, The Hunger Games — we were worried that they would simply be too busy to share the screen again.

But just as these boys support each other with auditions, they also work well together, having starred on the Aussie soap Neighbours. Which is why we're psyched to hear from The Film Stage that Chris is contemplating joining a Steve McQueen biopic to which Liam is already attached. The project, called Triumph AKA 40 Summers Ago, would focus on the relationship between the movie star and his stunt double Bud Ekins.

Now, Chris and Liam have been in the uncomfortable situation of being up for the same role before. As the story goes, Chris helped Liam prep for his Thor audition, only for the part to eventually go to Chris. They're good sports about sharing resources and advice and ultimately sacrificing individual opportunities for the common Hemsworth good. But Triumph sounds like the perfect movie for them to do together, because one can play Steve McQueen and one can play Bud Ekins!

Steve McQueen Bud Ekins stunt double

It's genius. This way the two get equal screen time, and they can inject the roles with the dynamic they already have going. Sure, they're seven years apart and Liam would have to bulk up a bit to match his older brother's muscle, but I have no doubt they'd pull it off. Especially since, according to Wikipedia, there are several interesting anecdotes about how the legend of Steve McQueen often overshadowed the man himself, and he would admit when his stuntmen had replaced him for a seemingly impossible feat. The Hemsworth brothers have already tallied up a few “legends” of their own already.

Ironically, Triumph is entirely separate from another McQueen biopic, which Chris' The Avengers co-star Jeremy Renner is starring in. Whoops.

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