Chris Hemsworth Is Glad That He And Kristen Stewart Have Very Different Fanbases

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Chris Hemsworth Empire Magazine January 2013 Kristen Stewart The Avengers vs. Twilight fans Thor Bella Swan Robsten

Empire Magazine continues to honor our favorite geeky men—first they make Tom Hiddleston a guest judge for the “Done In 60 Seconds” short film competition, and now Chris Hemsworth is their Man of the Year. Because of course. The whole interview is worth, but we couldn’t help but crack up when the discussion turned to Twilight vs. The Avengers.

The connection, of course, is that shortly after The Avengers dominated this year’s box office, one of Chris’ many other 2012 projects Snow White and the Huntsman came out. Playing Kristen Stewart’s mentor and love interest, the titular huntsman, Chris obviously spent a lot of time alongside this year’s most scrutinized celebrity. When asked if he thought his Marvel character Thor commanded the same fanbase as Bella Swan, Chris had a great response:

Empire: Kristen Stewart has attained a stratospheric level of fame through Twilight. Did you feel a sense you could be headed that way with Thor?

Hemsworth: Um… I think it’s a different sort of fame. With the utmost respect, Twilight’s certainly a teen audience, and there was such, um… It’s that sort of, ah, what’s the word? Sort of hysterical kind of fanbase, you know? Whereas Avengers is across all ages and people just love the films–all the Marvel films–and it’s a little different from what she experiences.

Chris Hemsworth Empire Magazine January 2013 Kristen Stewart The Avengers vs. Twilight fans Thor Bella Swan Robsten

Empire: Is it fair to say that Marvel fans are more interested in the characters, in a sense? They’re interested in you as Thor, rather than you as Chris Hemsworth. Whereas with Kristen, it tends to get more…

Hemsworth: Personal.

Empire: There seems to be more of a blending of who she is and who the character is.

Hemsworth: Good point. I am, in my everyday life, most of the time, not looking like Thor. Whereas her character she played in Twilight and her walking down the street, they’re pretty similar—they’re both humans and relatable. I think for that reason, yeah, it’s when the character is even more relatable and closer to who you are in your everyday life, the line gets blurred. The Avengers was a different sort of thing and we certainly don’t have hundreds of people outside our hotels like they do.

Any other actor, these statements would be snide remarks about Kristen being Bella Swan incarnate, or about Twihards being fanatical. But Chris manages to discuss the different fanbases and show his clear preference for more level-headed Marvel fans, without insulting anyone. Then again, I doubt he’s ever read any RPF about himself… He might change his tune then.

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