Chris Hemsworth Would Shockingly Rather Talk About His Work Than His Workout Routine

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Chris Hemsworth TIFF Premiere of Rush September 2013

Where has Chris Hemsworth been hiding all my life? Here I was going about my days thinking of him as the brother of the guy who dated Miley Cyrus, when the whole time I should have been thinking of him as simply Chris Hemsworth, man of my dreams. Okay, so I guess I don't know enough about him to go that far, but thanks to his latest press tour for his movie Rush, I've become quite fond of him. I enjoy listening to his Australian accent in video interviews, and in print interviews I just create the accent in my brain. And the quotes themselves make me think maybe we have the new Hugh Jackman on our hands. Take, for instance, this new interview with NJ.com, in which he explains that the constant questions about his impressive body made him worry he wasn't being taken seriously as an actor.

“I remember doing the press tour for `The Avengers,'” says the 30-year-old actor. “And — without complaining about it — the questions in interviews were all, ‘What's your workout program?' and ‘How did you put that much muscle on?' And you realize you're not really looked at so much as an actor, there's the assumption that what you did was pretty easy. So I had a strange kind of need to go no, no, there's something else I have to offer, and I started looking for something deeper.”

As someone who recently witnessed Savannah Guthrie get distracted mid-interview by a shot of Chris shirtless in his new movie, I found this quote really interesting. We put a lot of focus on making sure female stars are taken seriously for their talent and minds instead of constantly speculating about their diets or asking them what kind of bronzer they use. But in the process we forget that men aren't immune to those kinds of interview questions either. It's nice to see a male performer being open and honest about this kind of thing annoying him and wanting to be seen as more than a fit body.

Just think about all the times female talk show hosts pressure hot male stars to take their shirts off, their audience screaming their encouragement. Even Ellen DeGeneres, who I'm pretty sure isn't that invested in whether she gets to see Matthew McConaughey's abs, takes part in the peer pressure sometimes. But can you imagine Conan O'Brien yelling for Mila Kunis to strip down to her underwear on his show? Probably not, because people would likely protest for him to get fired. We should absolutely make sure women in Hollywood are valued for their talent and brains over their bodies, but that doesn't mean it's okay to constantly look at attractive male celebrities in such shallow terms. There's of course a time and place for gushing about celebrities' hotness, but that's not all they have to offer. Well, at least in theory it's not.

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