Chris Hemsworth Had It Harder Than Liam, Used To Clean Breast Pumps For A Living

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Last night on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Snow White and the Huntsman star and future brother-in-law to Miley Cyrus (ugh) Chris Hemsworth discussed some of the unpleasant jobs he had to do to get by before making it as an actor. Although he did many different things during his pre-stardom years, the weirdest and most fun-to-tell-on-TV one was cleaning and repairing breast pumps, which I had no idea you could rent. Is it just me, or does that seem like a one-per-person type of appliance?

“I was like 15 and the machine would come in covered in dried milk, and I'd be there with a toothbrush, scrubbing 'em up and cleaning,” the strapping Aussie recalled. “And then the fan belt would break, so I'd pull it apart and repair it and check if they were working again.” Good times!

Of course, he did start booking huge roles eventually, so we shouldn't feel too bad for him. But it sounds like he really had to pay his dues, while all his little brother Liam had to do was show up in the states, tell casting directors he was a Hemsworth, and hitch a ride on the Hannah Montana train with his magnificent Hemsworth penis. I don't envy Chris' contact with strangers' biohazards, but it must at least be nice for him to know that everything he has, he's worked hard for and obtained largely on his own.

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