Watch Chris Hemsworth Act On A Bad Australian TV Show And Tell Me That ‘Hunk’ Doesn’t Cross Your Mind

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Chris Hemsworth Home and Away TV Show

No one's going to have a more exhausting week than the Google alert for “Hemsworth.” Between Liam Hemsworth's break-up with Miley Cyrus and Chris Hemsworth's upcoming movie Rush, that alert's in for quite the workout. And we apologize in advance for how much we're going to be covering the brothers over the next few days. It will be Chris Hemsworth this! Liam Hemsworth that! Luke Hemsworth who? By the time this break-up scandal and this Rush press tour wrap up, you're going to be so sick of the brothers that you'll forget how you ever found them attractive in the first place. So before that happens, let's dive right into the interview Chris Hemsworth did on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night.

Before Chris made it big in America as Thor, he did a little acting back home in Australia on a show called Home and Away. And by a little acting, I mean AMAZING AMOUNTS of acting. While I have no idea what this show's about or why sleeves got banned on set, I do know that Chris really convinces me that his character's not feeling well. Not feeling well at all.

Despite reading a plethora of Sweet Valley High books in elementary school, the word hunk never crosses my mind. Even when I see an incredibly good looking man with a chiseled jawline and defined abs, I still don't think it. Hot, yes. Good looking, yes. Handsome, also yes. But hunk, no. Yet when I watched this clip of Chris fainting on the beach, that's the first thing that crossed my mind. I dare you to watch it it and tell me otherwise.