Aussie Chris Hemsworth Is The Only Man Who Can Play A Terrorist Hunter In American Assassin

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Chris Hemsworth American Assassin Mitch Rapp patriotic thriller terrorists Glenn Beck conservative AustraliaI get a kick out of this news, but it really shouldn't be surprising: CBS Films wants Chris Hemsworth to helm their new franchise, American Assassin. Based on a book series by Vince Flynn, it's the adventures of terrorist hunter Mitch Rapp—a series that Glenn Beck once described as, “It's almost conservative porn. You almost think, ‘Oh, yeah. Ooh, that's erotic.'” (Thank you Vulture for that quote.) All this, and still the studio believes that Australian beefcake/DILF/Thor star Chris Hemsworth is the best man for the job.

CBS Films is offering Chris $10 million to play Mitch Rapp in this first movie — a prequel that explains how young Mitch went from normal college kid to CIA agent — and to helm the franchise. Of course, he could turn down even this ludicrous amount of money because he's already the star of his own franchise playing Thor in next year's Thor: The Dark World and The Avengers 2 in 2015. He's also teaming up with Steven Spielberg on Robopocalypse, so it's not like he needs to fill his schedule. (Which is otherwise taken up with his wife and adorable daughter India Rose.)

I'm not saying the studio should go with an American, per se. Rumor has it they're considering Bruce Willis as Mitch's mentor, likely thanks to his Die Hard movies. There isn't really a young Bruce Willis — unless Joseph Gordon-Levitt wanted to slap on those Looper prosthetics again! — so I can see why the studio is thinking outside of this country.

Of course, if Chris could sign on he could probably nab younger brother Liam a small role as Mitch in the college flashbacks. He's also had a fair amount of practice playing Americans. Next month his long-stalled remake Red Dawn will finally come out—check out the trailer for a taste of Marine Chris:

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