Guess Which Three Movies Chris Evans Is Actually Proud Of

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Chris Evans The Avengers promoting movies shitChalk one up for The Avengers star Chris Evans: He's incredibly candid. Talking to Prestige Hong Kong, he admitted that he turned down the role of Captain America three times, and even after he officially signed on he needed a therapist to deal with his fears that this make-or-break role would shatter his already tenuous career. His anxieties, he came to realize, centered on actually promoting the film:

[T]he main reason I struggle so much in press, is because I’m usually promoting a piece of shit. It’s really difficult to find a flowery way to tell people to go see this movie, that your face is all over, that your name is all over, that you’re endorsing. And then you begin to feel like a liar, like you’re transparent. You feel undeserving and it makes the interview extremely uncomfortable, for me at least.

He admitted, “I’ve made about 20 movies and I’m probably proud of three.” Obviously he's throwing out an arbitrary number, but it got us thinking—which projects could be the ones to make this charismatic but insecure actor actually feel good about his work? Obviously The Avengers is one of them: Due to Joss Whedon‘s smart banter and the actors' willingness to play, it's a superb ensemble film. 2011's unsatisfying rom-com What's Your Number? is probably in the “trash” pile, and satire like Not Another Teen Movie — where he played the dumb, hot jock — is difficult to judge. But the sci-fi thriller Push, in which Chris and Dakota Fanning played normal folks turned superheroes, garnered a lot of acclaim despite not reaching too many audiences. Furthermore, his parody of a Hollywood hunk as Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World made him one of Michael Cera‘s most amusing nemeses.

So, those are guesses—share yours in the comments! The consensus among the commenters at Movieline (which I'd agree with) is that despite appearing in a lot of subpar films, Chris was usually the best thing around them. So, even if he's uncomfortable about the package he's selling, he can still be proud of his individual performances.

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