7 Actors Who Could Play Chris Evans in a Movie

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Chris Evans

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Everyone knows that actor right? That guy you see in everything, but you can never quite place because there's nothing quite that distinctive about him. Well Chris Evans is that guy for me. He's good looking enough that he would be described by his girlfriend's mothers as very handsome, but generic enough that he'd be described by casting agents as a man with two eyes, a nose and straight-enough teeth. He shows up in action movies and he shows up in rom-coms and he shows up in gossip columns that allege he has an STD. It's all in a day's work for that guy. So in honor of his 32nd birthday today, I'd like to take a moment and talk about all the other that guys running around Hollywood right now. You know, the guys who could easily play Chris Evans in a movie should the need ever arise. (And if I know needs like I think I know needs, it will arise.)

Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds in The Boy Next Door

Ryan Reynolds stars as Chris Evans in a rom-com about the dorky boy next door who grew up to a total hunk. When his childhood crush Vanessa (Jessica Biel) moves back home after a divorce, she quickly falls in love with the boy she used to call booger breath. However Chris isn't quite ready to take back the woman who made his daily life an actual living hell. Can Vanessa convince him that she's changed…before he marries the kind-hearted Cindy.

 Ryan Phillipe

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Ryan Phillipe in Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Ryan Phillipe stars as undercover FBI agent Chris Evans in a crime thriller about a dog fighting ring that's responsible for 86% of crime in this country. He must infiltrate the dangerous world of dog fighting without getting caught by the ringleader, Beet-hoven (Joe Pesci). Things get complicated when he falls hard for Beet-hoven's daughter Gina (Eva Mendes).

Chris Pine

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Chris Pine in The Milkiest Way

Chris Pine stars as the lactose-intolerant astronaut Chris Evans in a space romance that's literally out of this world. While exploring other galaxies in the year 2507, he befriends a curious 4-armed alien named BeBoopBop89 (Emma Roberts) who teaches him a powerful lesson about reaching for the stars and going after what you believe in all by using her alien telepathy.

Alex Pettyfer

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Alex Pettyfer in Magic Mike 3D

Alex Pettyfer stars as single-father-turned Stripper Chris Evans in this sultry movie about the male stripping industry. While humping the stage floor one night, Chris Evans realizes that his ex-wife Lilac (Elizabeth Banks) might actually not be the horrible harpy that he's made her out to be. Perhaps he should share custody with her after all.

Josh Duhamel

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Josh Duhamel in Nicholas Sparks' The Wettest Dream

Josh Duhamel plays Stormchaser Chris Evans, a man who chases skirts just as often as he chases tornadoes. But everything changes for him one day when he realizes that he may be developing feelings for his geeky intern Tracy-Beth (Dakota Fanning with glasses). Will he continue to put her in harm's way or will he finally hang up the car keys and settle down?

Luke Wilson

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Luke Wilson in DJ Blizackout

Luke Wilson plays radio DJ Chris Evans — a man known around town as the popular shock jock DJ Blizzackout — in this LOL comedy about a freak accident. While playing a highly-rated on air game called golf-club-in-a-thunderstorm, DJ Blackout gets struck by lightening and develops amnesia. While recovering in the hospital he quickly falls in love with Nurse Butterfly (Drew Barrymore), a woman who he unknowingly offended several times on air with his extremely bigoted remarks and racial epithets.

Chad Michael Murray

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Chad Michael Murray in The Switcharoonie

Chad Michael Murray plays big brother Chris Evans in this movie that explores the Freaky Friday phenomenon in a refreshing new way. While fighting with his academically-inclined little brother (Zac Efron)  about loosening up a little bit before going off to college, he rubs his Budlight bottle and says “I wish you could just be cool.” And his wish comes true immediately as he trades bodies with his brother and learns a valuable life lesson about what it really means to be cool.