Chris Colfer Has A New Book Out, So Let’s Compare His Life To Mine

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Chris Colfer Has A New Book Out  So Let s Compare His Life To Mine Chris Colfer 640x677 jpgAren’t people supposed to be dumb and lazy when they’re 22? I know I was. My favorite things were sleeping, drinking, complaining that I wasn’t in college anymore, and sleeping. You have no idea how much time a human being can waste until you turn 22. At least, that was my experience, and I thought we were all on the same page. And then along came Chris Colfer to make me feel like a human sack of garbage.

In addition to starring on Glee as Kurt Hummel, a part they wrote for him because he was so good, Chris came out with a book this week. And it’s not even a memoir so I can’t be like — “Bah, you’re not even 25, what do you have to write a memoir about?!” Instead, it’s a young adult book called The Land of Stories about two twins who travel into a fairytale world though a magic book given to them by their grandmother. Hi Chris, I’m sorry to interrupt, but you wrote a book in between filming for your extremely popular television show? I barely make time to write a post in between my mid-morning and mid-mid-morning snacks. HULKLEXIS HUNGRY. Oh and also, in case that wasn’t impressive or time-consuming enough, he also recorded the audio-book version. Also in between Glee shoots. And don’t worry, there are 70+ characters and he made a point of doing a nuanced voice and accent for all of them. YOU ARE MAKING ME LOOK BAD.

Oh and by the way, he came up with the concept for the book when he was ten. TEN. And bear in mind this kid also has a Golden Globe, two Emmy nominations, and was one of Time Magazine‘s 100 Most Influential People of 2011. To combat that I can tell you that I won a drama award in college, voted for myself at the last improv competition that I went to, and have read almost an entire issue of Time before. Oh and I’m two years older than Chris.

Eff. Em. Ell.

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