Chris Brown Really Needs To Avoid Tweeting Photos Of Bloody Women, Yet He Does It Anyway

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Chris Brown tweets photo bloody woman Red music video Rihanna abuse 2009 beat bite bruisedFor someone trying so hard to make people forget that he beat Rihanna to a bloody, bruised pulp, Chris Brown is doing a shitty job. Six weeks ago he debuted his new tattoo, which bore a startling resemblance to Rihanna's face after he assaulted her in 2009. At the time he scoffed at his detractors and claimed that it was a sugar skull for Dias de los Muertos—such blatant denial that only pissed us off even more.

And now, Chris is dredging up even more gruesome, violent imagery that only reminds us of what he's capable of. Around 5 a.m. this morning, he tweeted this image from the set of his new music video. All I SEE IS RED!!!!! he wrote in reference to the song's title, and yeah, it's pretty disturbing when you consider the mind from which it sprang. You've got a woman strapped to a table, bleeding out all over what look like torture implements. It's despicable, is what it is.

Chris Brown tweets photo bloody woman Rihanna abuse wtf skull tattoo

No doubt Chris and Team Breezy are going to turn around and deny any connection to Rihanna in these photos. But what he doesn't seem to grasp is context. As someone who clearly beat his girlfriend to a bloody pulp, he needs to go out of his way to avoid being associated with images like this. But instead he completely abandons all common sense, sensitivity, and decency. There's no reason that he needs to go out of his way to affix a “sugar skull” tattoo to his neck, just as a music video channeling Halloween won't improve his career.

He cannot continue to pretend like he's a normal guy who can tweet out this kind of photo without any consequence. Even if the people who award him VMAs and cheer him en route to the stage have forgotten the incriminating photos of Rihanna's face, or if the singer herself has forgiven him as evidenced by rumors that they're dating… he'll never be fully divorced from this. He doesn't deserve to be. And by continuing to blithely post these images on the internet — or ink them on his body — he loses more and more esteem in the public eye. I hope his career suffers.

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Photos: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com, @chrisbrown