Chris Brown Dresses Up As A Terrorist For Halloween Just To Make Sure Everyone Really Hates Him

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Does Chris Brown have a publicist? If so, he should fire him. Does he not have a publicist? If so, he should hire one. Because I cannot understand the inane decisions he continues to make and I think he's clearly at the point where he needs some guidance in his life.  Or at least a friend with enough balls to tell him that dressing up as a terrorist for Halloween isn't a good idea.

Not only is it a bad idea for the obvious reason that terrorists aren't funny, but also because he's Chris Brown. For the rest of his life, he should be making an active effort to be a good person who doesn't even get close to possibly offending people. Nothing about his behavior going forward should ever remind us about his violent past. So that rules out Halloween costumes that involve terrorists waving around guns.

From getting a tattoo that bore way too much resemblance to a Rihanna's battered face to tweeting out photos of bloody women to this incredibly offensive Halloween costume, I just can't figure out his game plan. Does he want everyone to hate him? Does he understand that he needs people to like him to sell his music.

I know, I know Team Breezy will always support him. But doesn't he want to expand his fan base at some point? If we look at this only from a business perspective, he's a moron. Yes he's drumming up controversy and yes he's getting publicity, but this isn't the kind he needs to have a good career.

In fact, I think he's going to be the celebrity who proves that the old adage “all publicity is good publicity” isn't actually true. Mostly because every time I hear about him, it's because of a story like this — a story where he deliberately makes a decision that evokes a violent image.

He's an asshole and it's time his fans have enough respect for themselves to realize that he doesn't care about them and he doesn't care about what he did to Rihanna. The only thing he cares about is making sure that each of of his choices say fuck you to the world and to anyone who dares to question his decisions.