We’re Probably Now Days Away From A Chris Brown And Rihanna Sex Tape

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It's time to start stocking up on your Pepto Bismol, Tums and eye gougers! After days of watching Chris Brown and Rihanna exchange increasingly sexual messages and photos to each other via Twitter and Instagram, it seems inevitable that a sex tape is on the way.

Whether it will arrive today or tomorrow or next year or never, I can't be sure. But they appear to be on a mission to prove to us that they love each other very, very much.  And while some couples express their affection for each other by tipping off the paparazzi when they go out on romantic dates or thanking their partner at award ceremonies, Chris and RiRi remain committed to doing it via Twitpics.

Like the new one that Rihanna posted late last night. While it's not tweeted at Chris Brown, some have guessed that she posted it to taunt him while he's touring right now.

Maybe it is for Chris, maybe it isn't. All we know is that Rihanna loves tweeting out sex-ay photos of herself. And therefore the idea of her doing a sex tape isn't completely insane. Especially since she and Chris seem so gung-ho to become  last minute contenders for 2012's Most Annoying Celebrity Couple of the Year. Which is amazing since I think they just officially came out as a couple last week. Sorry Nick and Danielle Jonas — you might not be taking home that trophy after all!

While I'd rather watch Breaking Dawn – Part 2 a thousand times over before even contemplating the idea of a Chris Brown and Rihanna sex tape, I just can't help but suspect that they're going to release/leak their sex tape soon. And that they're going to silence all the haters by claiming it's just the long-awaited music video for “Birthday Cake.”

Ugh, I'm going to be sick. Team Breezy, can you hold my hair back?