Chris Brown And Rihanna’s Collaboration Sends The Wrong Message To Team Breezy

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News broke last night that Chris Brown and Rihanna are possibly teaming up for a collaboration on the remix of Rihanna's song “Birthday Cake.” Since Chris Brown reportedly also attended Rihanna's birthday on Monday, this practically makes their reconciliation official. While this has yet to be confirmed by either party, it still provides all the fuel needed for Team Breezy to renergize their pro-Chris-Brown propaganda train.

After covering Chris Brown several times on Crushable this week, I've realized that the problem goes far beyond Chris Brown beating Rihanna to the point where she needed hospitalization and it even goes beyond Chris Brown's complete lack of remorse. The bigger issue now is Team Breezy, Chris Brown's rabid fan base, who made headlines this week with their “Chris Brown can beat me any day tweets.”

They're absolutely determined to clear Chris Brown's name and attack anyone who tries to point out the truth (the truth being that he beat his girlfriend and doesn't, to this day, seem to care). I learned this firsthand this week when close to 50 commenters defended him in the post I wrote about how his Grammy “comeback” made me sick as well as my follow-up post on his “fuck the haters” tweet that he wrote in regard to anyone who dared to point out he split Rihanna's lip down to the bone.

However, rather that convince me that I was wrong to bring up the abuse orthat Chris Brown deserved to be at the Grammys,  the commenters scared me because so many people were willing to come to his defense with illogical arguments.

Among the most disturbing comments:



Rather than receiving 50 comments pointing out that Chris Brown grew up in an abusive home himself and he's trying to break the cycle of violence or that he's actually doing a lot of under the radar work with domestic abuse (he isn't), they simply justify his actions with the excuse that his personal life has nothing to do with with his professional life. Or even worse, it was just an average fight that “high minded feminized intellect types” like to blow out of proportion. While no one comes outright and says Rihanna deserved it, they might as well.

Team Breezy isn't claiming that Chris Brown made a mistake and grew as a human being because of it. No, their defense has nothing to do with showing people that Chris Brown has changed or that he cares. Their defense is actually suggesting that he did nothing wrong, or that other celebrities have done worse things. That this abuse is just part of life and we need to deal with it. It makes me incredibly sad that so many people out there think that this is acceptable behavior in a relationship and that what happens in the home has nothing to do with what happens in their career. That someone can beat the living daylights out of his girlfriend and then head off to work like nothing is wrong.

And that's why Chris Brown should take a stand  now and make a statement that what he did was wrong. That's why Rihanna should not collaborate with him — whether she forgivies him or not. I don't want to get into victim blaming and I don't want to say that Rihanna needs to be a spokeswoman for domestic abuse. She never asked to be put into this position and it's not her responsibility to take on the issue.

But on the other had, they're public figures, they're role models for young adults and they're forgetting that all their fans are watching their reconciliation. That young women who are in abusive relationships are now thinking, “well if it's okay with the global superstar Rihanna, it's okay with me.” It's not. It”s their responsibility to make sure that Team Breezy, Chris Brown's biggest fans, understands that.

After everything they've done for Chris Brown, it's the least he can do for them.