For The Last Time Chris Brown, Hitting Rihanna Wasn’t A ‘Mistake’

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Chris Brown Elton John PartyI need to stop clicking on anything that involves Chris Brown. At least if I want to stop making my blood pressure skyrocket before I've even finished my morning coffee. But it's too late today. And if you're reading this then it's clear that it's already too late for you too. Sorry, but we're in this together. Let's virtually hold each other's hands as we experience joint angina attacks.

In a recent interview with Satan himself (waiting for my fact-checkers to fact-check this one), Chris Brown talks about the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day he once had in 2009. Rihanna was there. Maybe. He can't remember, because the no-goodness happened to him.

“Sometimes you row, you fight, with the one you love and things get said, stuff spirals….That night was the deepest regret of my life, the biggest mistake. But she loves me — what can I say? I’m forgiven… but, yes, I worked hard for it.”

Where do I begin with this gem of a quote? Maybe the fact that Chris Brown still believes that punching Rihanna repeatedly in the face to the point where her lip split open can just be categorized under the “stuff spiral” part of a relationship.

Or perhaps we should kick off this discussion with the word mistake — and how he's still allowed to use that word to talk about abusing his girlfriend. A mistake is drying your girlfriend's favorite pair of jeans when she told you to let them air dry. A mistake is forgetting to pick eggs at the store after being asked via call and text. A mistake is canceling your girlfriend's Real Housewives recording because it interferes with the show you want to simultaneously record. A mistake is not looking at another human with a bloody and beaten face and continuing to make that face even more bloody and beaten. That's assault. There's a difference between the two and four years after the fact I'm amazed no one has taken the time to explain this to him.

The fact he's still pretending like this was a run-of-the-mill couple's fight that somehow ended up in the media is ridiculous. We know about it because his hands put her in the hospital. We know about it because her time in the hospital put his ass in the court system. We know about it because it happened. And all the half-ass “mistake” quotes from interviews can't make it unhappen. It can't make us unsee those images of her face and it can't make us forget that he's an abuser.

Sorry Chris Brown, try again next time. Oh but do try to revise your word choice first. It would go a long way toward us believing that you're finally trying to understand what you did wrong.

(Photo: Thomas Janssen, PacificCoastNews.com)