Chris Brown Got Kicked Out Of Rehab For Attacking His Mom’s Car, So Good To See He’s Changed

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Chris Brown performing on Today show August 2013

It's so heartwarming to see how much Chris Brown has changed for the better since that whole beating up Rihanna thing. How much he's taken responsibility for his actions and made a real effort not to be violent anymore. Oh whoops, I thought today was Opposite Day. Of course Chris Brown hasn't done any of those things and my heart remains unwarmed. The latest news on the Chris Brown front? He's been kicked out of rehab and ordered to complete three months in a new facility.

Yep, looks like Chris's little voluntary rehab stint for anger management has backfired, after it seemed like such a fool-proof way to convince a judge not to give him jail time for violating his probation in that assault charge last month. The annoying thing about choosing to go to rehab is that you actually have to go along with the things it's teaching you. Things like how not to let your anger lead you to throw a rock through your mother's car window. Unfortunately Chris wasn't so cool with those rules, because that's exactly what he did.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris appeared in court on Wednesday, where a probation report from prosecutors included a letter from his previous treatment facility revealing Chris threw a rock through his mom's car window and was therefore discharged. Apparently Chris threw the rock after a joint counseling session on November 10. The incident kind of goes against the whole agreement he made to refrain from violence when he entered the facility. I wish I could say this surprises me, but it does not.

Superior Court Judge James Brandlin ordered Chris to spend three months in a residential treatment facility, to submit to drug tests and to complete 24 hours of community service each week, something we've already established Chris Brown does not like. However, he reportedly agreed to the terms. This still doesn't mean he's off the hook for last month's assault, though. The judge is having officials get additional information and report back for a hearing on December 16.

I'd like to say I think this new court-ordered rehab will help him, but at this point Chris Brown is just the boy who cried wolf. Or the boy who cried “I'm changed and I've learned from my mistakes!” and then proceeded to assault someone else. If he had any second chances in the first place, he's definitely run out of them now.

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