Chris Brown Wants To Stay In Rehab Longer, Eyebrows Everywhere Collectively Raise In Astonishment

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Chris Brown at Billboard Music Awards May 2013

Well, color me surprised.  Chris Brown is actually choosing to extend his 90-day rehab stay for anger management, which is probably the most sound decision he's made in a long time.  Or ever.  Maybe all of those years of domestic abuse, morning show raging, car vandalism, and overall Tom Dick-ery are coming to an end, and a new sense of self-awareness and accountability is dawning? Or maybe he's just scared of being put in jail. Yeah, probably that.  But still.  Seeing “Chris Brown” in the same sentence as a positive piece of news is exciting and unfamiliar territory!

A source told E! News that Brown's decision to stay in rehab a little longer was “his choice.”  Which is great, since the initial decision to enter rehab was the court's choice, and pretty much the only other option for Chris Brown's future besides a nice, relaxing stay in prison.  Three months just wasn't long enough to gain the “focus” and “insight” he needed, especially since he kicked off his rehab stay by attacking a car and smoking weed.  Maybe four months will do the trick!

I admit I'm more than a little skeptical about Chris Brown changing for the better, but I'm not so cynical that I can't muster a small, barely audible golf clap for his ability to recognize that he could benefit from further help.  Baby steps, folks.  When he comes out of rehab and proves he's capable of refraining from assault and living in denial, then we can give him a more firm, hearty clap.

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