For Some Mysterious Reason, Chris Brown Is Now Selling Puppies

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I'm not sure if this is some wacky PR scheme to make America love Chris Brown or Joyce Hawkins, known on Twitter as MomBreezy, is playing some kind of hilarious puppy breeding prank on her son. Either way I'm intrigued by CB BREEDS, Chris Brown's new dog dealing venture.

Last night at exactly 6:05 PM, MomBreezy tweeted out the following:

Early this morning that link led to CB BREEDS, a website full of puppies for sale. However when you go there now it just has a message that the site's run out of bandwidth and until the owner buys more, it's unavailable. Luckily our pals at Oh No They Didn't got screenshots of the site before it went down.

It looked just liked this.

Very simple, very informal and very Geocities circa 1998. Just a few photos of puppies with their name and sex. Since i'm not a puppyologist (shocking, I know), I'm not sure exactly what breed these puppies are, but it's safe to say they're definitely puppies.

I just don't know what Chris Brown is doing with a bushel of puppies. I highly doubt he needs the money — and even if he did, I can think of far more lucrative businesses for him to go into that are nowhere as time intensive as dog breeding. I'm pretty sure Team Breezy is still waiting for their signature Chris Brown scent. How else can one smell like hollow apologies and mistaken forgiveness?

Although we're currently left with the mystery that is Chris Brown's puppy selling website, we know one thing for sure. And that is that someone, likely MomBreezy, needs to spend some extra money and get that site back and up and running. I was planning on pulling a Boxcar Children and stalking those dogs all morning until I figured out what was going on.