Chris Brown Latest Target Of ‘Swatting’…Can We Please Find A Better Way To Prank Douchey Celebrities?

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Chris Brown has become the latest victim of the practice of “swatting,” an annoying and potentially dangerous prank whereby people try to get a SWAT team called to a celebrity's house. (A celebrity they don't like, generally speaking.) Apparently, someone called the LAPD yesterday to report an armed domestic disturbance at Brown's house but didn't say it was his house (even though you'd think they would), and authorities arrived to find no Chris Brown and no disturbance, just a house full of confused staff.

Now, I'm all for messing with douchey famous people like Chris Brown, Kris Jenner, and Justin Bieber. But can we try to find a way to do it that doesn't affect anyone else, let alone crucial first responders? The more cops who are tied up dealing with this bullshit, the fewer are around to deal with crimes when they actually happen, the more of our tax dollars get wasted, etc. And think of the poor SWAT teams. No one cool ever gets swatted, which means they have to deal with the disgruntled Chris Browns of the world. And he wasn't even home when it happened.

Would be prankers need to replace this stupid practice with something funnier and more efficiently targeted. A surgical operation, if you will. For inspiration, I suggest reviewing the fine work Ashton Kutcher did on Punk'd, especially the prime 2003-2005 years, then tweaking each prank so it's just a little bit meaner.

(Via TMZ)

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