So Chris Brown Was On The O.C. And He Didn’t Even Beat Anybody Up?

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So Chris Brown Was On The O C  And He Didn t Even Beat Anybody Up  Chris Brown on The O C jpgUm so, in case you haven’t been reviewing your pop culture knowledge from 2007 like everybody else has, you may have forgotten that Chris Brown was on The O.C. for a hot second back in the day in the show’s fourth season. His character’s name was Will Tutt, and he played a band geek who makes friends with Kaitlin Cooper, played by Willa Holland. (But trivia fact! She was originally played by Shailene Woodley!) In Chris’ own words:

“I play, like, a band geek — I’m really stepping out of my own character. I was kind of a geek in school, grade-wise. But style-wise, I was always popular and cool.”


Thank god he said that even though he was smart, he was still popular and cool, because for a second I was worried that Chris Brown hadn’t always been as likeable as he is now. It takes a lot of time and effort to create the kind of image that he has for himself in 2013, and I didn’t want the memory of how he was in high school to tarnish that. I mean, think of all the work he’s put in! He made himself famous, got into a relationship with Rihanna, beat the shit out of her, and then spent a lot of time and money trying to make everyone forget all that! And he’s done a really excellent job, judging by the hate mail I get every time I write a post about him and remind everyone that he tried to kill a woman with his fists. But let’s forget all that and watch him on The O.C.! I never watched the show, so my assumption is that he meets Kaitlin, falls in love with her, and then shows her that love via physical violence.

Actually, I may have been wrong about that. Apparently in the first clip, Kaitlin and Will flirt during class.

And then they hit it off so well that the two of them had a study date, where they ‘made out’ and ‘went to second’. Which in Chris Brown world means he hit her a little bit, but only enough to give her a really sexy bruise and teach her she his bitch.

Then finally, since Kaitlin couldn’t please him as a woman, he gets to move on to his next piece of real estate, Lucy, a girl in band who’s obsessed with him. And finally they live happily ever after, having found love in a truly hopeless place.

Did I…did I get all that right?

(Image: BuzzFeed via Just Jared)