Scariest Rumor Of All Time: Chris Brown Could Be A Father

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Yes. You read that title right. Karrueche Tran might be pregnant and Chris Brown might be the father. Commence the panic attack.

Never in the history of horrible celebrity rumors have I ever felt this compelled to call 911 on myself. I think my heart just attacked my own body and you should expect your heart to do the same. Because the story I'm about to tell you is scarier than anything you ever saw on an old Unsolved Mysteries marathon that you watched when you were home sick in the 6th grade.

A photo on Media Takeout shows supposed proof that Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's girlfriend, is pregnant. According to their non-doctor analysis, the super skinny girl has a tummy bulge that skinny girls only get when they're pregnant. While I don't think that's true, in any medical way shape or form, it's still absoultely horrifying to think about.

Apparently this rumors been circulating for a few weeks and people are saying this is the definitive proof needed to show that she's carrying Chris Brown's child.

There's no need for me to go into detail as to why notorious temper-loser and woman-beater Chris Brown's unfit to be a father. I think we all know that his horrendous choices, proclivity to get into fights and inability to control himself even when he's on camera would make him a terrible father.

The thought of him bringing another woman-beater into the world, or even worse, a woman who believes it's okay to get beaten scares me.

So for the sake of humanity and his non-existant (and hopefully never existant) unborn children, let's hope this is a just a sick rumor.

Also, Karrueche Tan, what are you doing with him!?

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