I Regret To Inform You That Chris Brown Did Something Actually Impressive

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Chris Brown performing on Today show August 2013I hate to do this, but I have to briefly come down off my pedestal of railing on Chris Brown at least once a week for being a terrible person. It's a real bummer because I was getting super comfortable up there, and I know Team Breezy will be sad to miss the opportunity to insult and threaten me for my opinions, but this is something that had to be done. Because somehow, against all odds, Chris has done something good.

Was it something to rectify his own life choices or to apologize for his behavior in the past? Of course not! This asshole — whoah. Sorry. I have to really focus on not insulting him in this post, I guess. I didn't realize how deep that instinct ran. Deep breath. Why don't I just tell you what happened. Let's start with that. So. Chris stood up for and promoted gay rights. That is what happened. Look at this tweet that he posted:

Hurray! Huzzah! I'm so thrilled by the fact that he's sticking his neck out for equality that I'm not even going to get tempted into saying something snarky about his use of the word ‘crime' or him saying ‘stop the hate' or…oh boy, here I go.

But this is seriously great, you guys. Please ignore me. Chris included a link in his post to a petition through allout.com asking Cameroon's President Biya to do something about the rise of anti-gay violence in his country. The region doesn't have substantial laws in place to protect its citizens from homophobic attacks, and the fact that Chris brought that to the attention of his 13 million plus followers is really amazing. As you can see, it already has over 3,000 retweets and 1,700 favorites, which is a much better use of his Twitter fame than complaining about the community service he was required to do, don't you think?

Sorry not sorry. But thank you, Chris, for doing this. Sometimes you get things right.

(Image: Dennis Van Tine / Future Image / WENN.com)