Chris Brown Continues His Horrible Human Being Streak By Not Giving Frank Ocean A Standing Ovation

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Holy Shit Chris Brown! It's like he wakes up every single day with the goal of making everyone hate him even more than they thought possible. During tonight's Grammys, he lost to Frank Ocean in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category because karma. Oh and Frank Ocean's insanely more talented than him. But also karma. Sorry Chris Brown, you can't continue to be the world's most heinous human and still expect people to reward you.

While every other nominee in the history of award show nominees made an attempt to look happy for the people who beat them in their category  Chris Brown did not.  Nope, instead he gave Frank Ocean the award show equivalent of the middle finger by remaining seated while everyone else gave him a standing ovation. Is there anyone telling him that acting like an asshole just solidifies everyone's opinon that he's an asshole? I don't understand why he continues to think this is a good way to act.

We all saw his little stressagram last week when he freaked out about everyone giving him shit for being a dickwad. But does he truly not understand that it's moments like this that make people say that. I know he's wrapping up a fight with Frank Ocean over a parking spot, but the least he can do to repair his reputation is put a fucking smile on his face, stand up and clap with everyone else.

But I guess we're at the point that we should stop expecting any kind of human decency from Chris Brown. That if there's a high road, he'll take the low one. No, I take that back. He'll find the low road, then dig a fucking tunnel under it and take that. That's the current level that he's operating at.

Class act. As always.

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