The List Of People Who Don’t Wanna Be Around Chris Brown Now Includes His Bodyguard And Valet

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Chris Brown on red carpet for Elton John Oscars viewing party February 2013It's a good thing it's already Thursday, because Chris Brown is having a hell of a week, you guys. He must have a bad case of the murder fingers, because he has been picking fights left and right, getting into a fight with a valet and his very own bodyguard in the same day. I don't know which happened first, but for the sake of clarity and poetic license I'll assume it was the valet. TMZ has video of Chris outside of the LA bowling alley Pinz, freaking out over a $10 charge to retrieve his car. The future father of Rihanna‘s children was apparently pissed because he'd only been inside the bowling alley for about half an hour, and also because ten dollars is an almost unimaginable sum that no platinum-selling recording artist could ever hope to pay. I'm honestly surprised that Chris didn't turn this guy's face inside out for being insolent enough to request money for performing a standard service. Members of Chris' group kept telling him to calm down, which is dumb because Breezy was totally right in shouting “fuck ten dollars” and “we gonna turn this whole thing on out” at them, as is appropriate to do in lieu of tipping.

He might want to cool it with the fighting, though, because if the rumors are true, he's currently bodyguard-less. While stopped at an airport for refueling, Chris and his friend and bodyguard Big Pat allegedly got into an argument and maybe doesn't even work for Chris anymore? It's not clear what it was about, but the fight was big enough that Big Pat didn't get back on the plane after going through customs, and took his own later flight back to JFK. According to an airport worker:

“I'm not sure of the details of what happened on the plane but his plane came in, got serviced and everything was finishing and they were getting ready to leave. Then there was a stall. They had to come inside to customs. The security guard came inside and said he wasn't getting back on the plane.”

Well well well, all in a day's work for Chris Brown. He must've realized that Team Breezy was getting too large and unmanageable and decided to piss off some of the people closest to him. Just as intelligent and cool-headed as always! You're doing us proud out there, you fucking maniac.

(Image: FayesVision / WENN.com)