Did Chris Brown Seriously Just Launch A Line Of Children’s Toys Called Dum English?

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Just when you think Chris Brown news can't make your jaw drop any lower, he launches a line of children's toys called Dum English. Say what? Yes, Chris Brown named his toy line Dum English.

Why is that a big deal?

His fanbase, the almighty Team Breezy, uses the dumbest form of English whenever they defend him. It's actually illiterate sometimes. Is naming his toy line Dum English a weird thank you gift to them or just a crazy coincidence.

Also, what?!

Why does Chris Brown have a line of toys? And would anyone really pay $140 for a skeleton astronaut toy that doesn't move, speak or do anything fun? Yes, that's right. One hundred and forty dollars for a toy that does nothing. I think you could buy 19 tamogatchis for that price.

Buying this would just be dum. See what I did there?