Chris Brown Says He Cried While Writing About His ‘Trials And Tribulations’ For Grafitti…Do You Care?

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Everyone knows Chris Brown was in a dark emotional place when he recorded 2009's Grafitti shortly after he was arrested for beating up Rihanna, but considering what he'd just done at the time, does anyone care? Well, for those of you who are still on the fence, Chris Brown would like you to know he was so sad during the making of that album that he broke down and cried. Just like a girl would, you guys.

In the ill-advised BET special Defining Moments: Chris Brown's Journey, Breezy “opened up” about what it was like to mine his sad, miserable life for another massively profitable album:

“When I put out Graffiti, at first, it was like, okay I want to do Prince, Michael Jackson, mix it up, pay homage. But my situation in life, being an adult and trying to grow up, my own trials and tribulations, I just kinda focused on writing whatever I felt,” he said. “Different producers would fly in and out and I would just write, write, write. Some nights I cried, some nights I laughed so whatever you heard on that album, it was strictly from the heart.”

On the one hand, I'm glad Chris Brown got to cry just a tiny fraction of the tears Rihanna probably did. On the other, I'm not convinced he was crying for the right reasons. Most of what he's said in the interim leads me to believe those tears were of the “poor me, everyone hates me, me me me” type than the “oh God, what have I done to another human?” type. Which changes my opinion of him…not at all.

And of course, he could always be exaggerating to drum up sympathy from the general public. In which case, it has backfired! Sorry Breezy, you're going to have to do better than that to convince me you are not The Worst.

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