Chris Brown Rants About Community Service On Twitter, Because Consequences Are The Worst

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Chris Brown filming new music video August 2013

Chris Brown just can't stop being a horrible person, no matter how hard he tries. Ha ha, just kidding, he doesn't try at all. Would someone who's trying to be a good person continue to post offensive Twitter rant after offensive Twitter rant whenever he's forced to face the consequences of his actions, which he still thinks he somehow shouldn't be obligated to face? Because ugh, don't these law officials have anything better to do than punish guys who viciously beat their girlfriends? It's just so unfair, you guys.

This latest rant is in reference to the fact that Chris was ordered to complete 1,000 hours of additional community service after a review found that he hadn't actually completed the original community service he was assigned to complete. For what crime, you ask? Oh right, beating up Rihanna. Chris just couldn't keep his rage to himself, blowing up on Twitter last night and further proving that he has no one around to tell him not to post things like this. He hasn't deleted the tweets either, so it's clear he still hasn't realized how offensive they are. Take a look below, but be warned there's some harsh language, because of course there is.

Chris Brown tweets about community service August 2013

Yes, Chris believes the Los Angeles County District Attorney, who TMZ points out is an African American woman, wants him to suffer the consequences for beating his girlfriend — consequences that are far too light, if you ask me — because she's a racist. Apparently he never thought this might undermine actual instances of racism in this society. Oh and apparently assigning community service to a convicted abuser is a waste of time when there are people out there who really need help. Because I guess according to Chris Brown, community service doesn't help people. That's not the whole point of it or anything. And then there's my favorite tweet: “Family first! The LAW…last.” Apparently punishing men for beating women to a pulp should be at the very bottom of our priority list. I can't get over that ellipsis in there. It's like he had a brief moment of reason and then it just disappeared and the horrible person part of his brain took over.

That tweet has over 6,000 retweets as of the time I'm writing this, showing just how many people agree with Chris's sentiments. That's a huge part of the problem here. Maybe if people stopped excusing Chris's behavior instead of buying into his despicable “I made a mistake, get over it” argument, he would realize that it wasn't a mistake, and we shouldn't get over it. And neither should he. He should have to face the consequences of that choice. When those consequences amount to cleaning up beaches and contributing something positive to society, he should be thanking the people who assigned it to him, not ranting at them.

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