The Photos Of Chris Brown’s Alleged Assault Victim Prove Jail Is The Only Place For Him

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Chris Brown scary look GIFFor anyone who doesn't think that jail is an appropriate place for Chris Brown right now, I'm guessing you haven't seen the photos of the man he allegedly assaulted. And when you do, I'm guessing you'll cool it with the ‘Free Breezy' shit. Unless your name is Justin Bieber, in which case you're already a lost cause.

The guy's name is Parker Adams, and last October he accused Chris and his bodyguard, a man named Christopher Hollosy, of attacking him outside the W Hotel in Washington, D.C. According to Parker, the alleged attack occurred when he attempted to photobomb a picture that Chris was taking with two girls in front of the hotel and was punched repeatedly in the face by both men for his efforts.

And guys, the photos are pretty intense. TMZ has them right here, and they show Parker with a swollen, bloody nose and blood spatter covering most of his denim shirt. You don't have to look at them if you don't want to, obviously, but I think it's important to connect vague words like ‘assault' and ‘attack' with actual photos of what happened. Remember how much more real things got when the photos of Rihanna post-attack were leaked? Not that it made much difference to the Chris Brown apologists in that case, but I think it was important for the rest of us to see what he was capable of.

But it's also important to be aware that Chris hasn't been tried in this case yet. The photos were cleared by a judge for release after being used in the trial of Chris' bodyguard, which ended in an assault conviction, but Chris' own trial has been delayed indefinitely, and he's been in jail since March. Which is exactly where he should be, given his tendency toward violence and what we see in those photographs. Whoever did that is someone incapable of containing their rage and controlling themself, and if that person happens to be Chris, he should probably be behind bars. That's kind of how this whole justice system thing works.

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