Chris Brown Expands His Portfolio With Yet Another Accusation Of Assault

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Chris Brown at Billboard Music Awards May 2013You've really got to hand it to Chris Brown. Whereas other celebrities would get one assault in their portfolio and retire, slip under the radar, try to recoup their image, Chris just gets back out there and keeps firing on all cylinders. This is not a guy who is content with being rumored to have beaten up one person — this is a man who will stop at nothing until his name is synonymous with volatile. In addition to his well-publicized destruction of his then-girlfriend Rihanna‘s face, Chris has also notably brawled with Drake in a bar fight involving broken bottles, Frank Ocean in the record studio parking lot, comedian Jenny Johnson on Twitter, and now a random club attendee in Orange County who might need to have surgery.

According to Deanna Gordon, she was in the VIP section of Heat Ultra Lounge with Chris after his performance. They stayed at the bar late, and when it was about to close, she alleges that Chris shoved her to the ground in a violent, deliberate manner, and she fell hard on her knees. Deanna says she filed a police report, which checks out with the Anaheim PD, who says a female did in fact file a report for an assault inside the club, although they couldn't disclose the name. The incident is being investigated, but Deanna says that when she went to a hospital, doctors told her she might need to get surgery in her right knee due to torn ligaments. Oh damn girl, that sounds serious. But I bet Chris and Team Breezy will have an excellent reason why this didn't actually take place the way Deanna says it did.

And I'm right! Chris' rep, a woman named Nicole Perna, tells TMZ, “I'm unaware of the incident, as is Chris' lawyer and his entire team.  He was in a great mood after Powerhouse.”  Perna adds, “None of this makes sense.” Well first of all, as soon as you started making the statement, you made the ‘being unaware of it' part into a lie. And second of all, I like that if he was in a great mood, there's no way he could've punched anybody. Because Chris only makes punchies when he's mad or sad, you guys! Don't you know anything? He only attacks when provoked! And/or to round out his collection of alleged victims. Dude's got a (terrible) reputation to uphold!

(Image: Elizabeth Goodenough / Apega / WENN.com)