Here’s Why A Jail Cell Is Truly The Best Place For Chris Brown Right Now

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chris brown shooting music video hollywood 8.2.2013

Last night, Chris Brown was arrested at the Malibu rehab facility where he's spent the last four months.  While the specific details remain unclear, we do know it was because he violated his five-year probation (stemming from his attach on Rihanna in 2009) and the facility's rules.  And, since you can't violate probation or break rules without consequences, he was promptly arrested.

Though Brown was recently diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder as well as PTSD, and I would normally agree that being in a facility that focuses on helping people cope with their mental illnesses is the right place for him to be, but he's proven that he doesn't truly want to help himself right now.  So why do I think jail can help him when nothing else has?  Because I think he needs to be slapped in the face with accountability, and I honestly don't believe he'll get that any other way.  He needs to learn how to survive in an environment where he isn't the one in control, and perhaps the much harsher surroundings of a jail cell instead of a cushy celebrity rehab facility can offer the lessons he needs to learn.

There are plenty of people out there suffering from mental illnesses who find ways to cope with them and functionally participate in life without abusing others or themselves on a regular basis.  People without millions of dollars and celebrity status.  In prison, everyone is treated the same way.  You all wear the same clothes, live in the same type of cell, and participate in the same activities.  No one cares if you're Chris Brown or Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan or the second coming of Jesus, for that matter.  You don't have a choice but to follow the rules and the general order of things there.  You have a lot of time to sit and think about what got you in there, and how you can avoid ever getting stuck in there again.

Since this is a celebrity we're talking about, I doubt Chris Brown will be in jail longer than a day or two.  Which is unfortunate, but it's reality.  Maybe he wouldn't learn anything in jail, because there are certainly people out there who truly never “get it” and think nothing of wasting opportunities to learn valuable lessons.  But I think until he gets thrown in there for a good while, the negative Chris Brown stories will continue to be a dime a dozen.

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