Chris Brown’s Angry Tweet About His Critics Just Proves Everything His Critics Say

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On Monday morning I wrote an essay on how Chris Brown's Grammy “comeback” makes me sick. While I highlighted his actual abusive behavior, I didn't touch on his complete lack of repentance toward beating up Rihanna. While Team Breezy tries to convince themselves that he's “served his time” and deserved his two Grammys performances, his tweet yesterday about his Grammy win just proved that he absolutely does not.  It proves that he's learned absolutely nothing during his time in Grammys exile.

With the exception of his court-ordered requirements, Chris Brown has never shown one ounce of sympathy toward Rihanna nor has he shown an ounce of understanding as to why the public might possibly be upset with him. His Grammy winning album is called F.A.M.E and it stands for forgiving all my enemies. As if people who criticize him for beating up his girlfriend are enemies, as if they need his forgiveness.  As if he truly cannot comprehend that what he did was wrong. I've never seen someone turn a situation around so fast and make himself a victim.

After he performed at the Grammys on Sunday, several people (including celebrities) spoke out against the fact that he was allowed on the  stage twice and that he was allowed to leave the Grammys as a winner. His mature response? This tweet:

While I'm not surprised that he responded this way, I am surprised he cannot see the connection between his behavior and his critics' accusations against him. That he cannot follow their line of logic and see anything from their perspective. And I hate to use the word perspective, because perspective implies there are two sides to this situation and there aren't. There's one side — and it's that beating up your girlfriend is wrong.

So let's clear something up Team Breezy. We, speaking for all of civilized America, don't hate Chris Brown for what he did to Rihanna. Yes that was all kinds of wrong. But had he showed any remorse (once again, besides fulfilling court-mandated requirements ), had he apologized to the public for being a bad role model, had he donated any money to a women's shelter or spoke to young men about domestic abuse, I think we would be a little more forgiving.

Would he deserve an invitation back to the Grammys? Hell no. Sometimes in life we make “mistakes” that we cannot bounce back from. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that one choice, one in-the-moment decision can change the rest of our lives. And we have the choice to grow from that moment, the choice to redirect the course of our lives and make a difference. An opportunity to show other people how their choices could affect their lives and how not to make the same mistake.

Maybe if he had choosen this route, this path to redemption, we wouldn't be so angry now.  If Chris Brown had done anything besides wait on the sidelines for his return to fame, it would be a different story.

But please, Team Breezy, explain to me again how he's a stand-up guy. A guy who made a mistake, a guy who got stuck in a “controversy.” Show me one example where he shows that he's sorry for what he's done. Let me see one tweet where he acknowledges that he did something wrong. Because, once again, he did. He did something very wrong. He beat up his girlfriend. There's no other way to put it.