Positive Chris Brown News Released On The Night He Kissed Rihanna

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For months now, we've heard rumors of a reconciliation between Chris Brown and Rihanna. Between the tweets laced with semi-hidden messages and the heartfelt interviews with tearful confessions, last night's kiss at the 2012 VMAs seemed inevitable.

However inevitable isn't a synonym for acceptable. For every obvious reason I don't condone their rekindled relationship — whether it be friendly or romantic. But just like in the case of Will Arnett and Amy Poehler separating, no one consults me before making horrible decisions about their personal life.

While bloggers around the world spend today trying to decide if their kiss was a friendly hello or a public confession, I'm more intrigued by the positive press Chris Brown received yesterday from a domestic violence center.

According to Global Grind, he's a frequent visitor to the Jenesse Center and their CEO only had wonderful things to say about him.

“It is our focus on family violence and its impact on youth that compelled us to open our hearts and our doors to Chris Brown and his mother, Joyce Hawkins. Chris and his mom have spent many quiet hours at our facilities, no cameras, no special attention or entourages – they just came to learn. Jenesse is thankful to Chris for spending time with our youth and celebrating the end of summer and returning back to school.”

After writing several blog this year expressing my disappointment with Chris Brown for not doing more to aid the victims of domestic violence, I have to apologize. Clearly he spent time doing some kind of repentance by volunteering there — and I'm thrilled to hear this.  One of my biggest issues with him is not that he beat up Rihanna, but that he twisted around the situation so that he came out as the victim.

So yes, it's great to hear that he's working with actual victims and hopefully getting some kind of understanding as to why he's actually not the wronged person in this situation.

With that said, I can't help but suspect that this news came out as a way to soften our hearts as he publicly reunites with Rihanna. That some publicist thought it might help cynical people like myself accept their relationship if we see that he's working toward redemption. That he's actively trying to make up for what he did to Rihanna.

And I guess it works in the sense that I can no longer say he's done nothing beyond court-required community service. However, to really move forward on my path of forgiveness, he'd need to address his work with victims publicly and tell us what he's learned from his time there. I want to hear him say that hitting Rihanna was wrong. Regardless of what she did or said, hitting her was wrong.

I want him to tell all his millions of followers who triumphantly cheer all of his actions under the banner of Team Breezy that violence is never the answer and that no one should stand for it. And then, after he's done that, I can maybe stop cringing every time I hear about him dating Rihanna again.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)