Chris Brown Taunts His ‘Haters’ By Getting A Tattoo Of A Battered Woman Who Looks Like Rihanna

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Just in case you were starting to think Chris Brown might have experienced real remorse for beating up Rihanna (as evidenced by his publicist-mandated “learning” trips to a women's center), he's gone and done something so incredibly shitty that you'll never entertain that kind of optimism again.

As you can see from the photo above, Brown has gone and gotten himself an incredibly visible neck tattoo depicting a woman who is half beaten-up and half dead, one who bears a striking resemblance to his ex girlfriend Rihanna (specifically: how she looked after he hit her until she almost died). I wonder how that one's going over at the women's shelter he supposedly hangs out at all the time?

But wait! According to Chris Brown's camp, “it's a random woman” and not Rihanna, which makes it totally okay. It's just a huge coincidence that Chris Brown, unrepentant woman beater/”victim” (of his own douchebaggery) just happened to get a tattoo of a battered woman who just happens to look like his ex-girlfriend in a place where everyone is sure to constantly see it. So many coincidences!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but we are not really mad at Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna at this point. We are mad at him for acting like he is the victim in this situation. Like people getting mad at you for beating up your girlfriend is the same thing as getting assaulted yourself. And this giant “fuck you” to anyone who dares to criticize any of the asinine things he does is just further evidence that he has yet to learn a single correct lesson from this. And no, “haters gonna hate” doesn't count.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Photo: Judy Eddy/WENN.com