Chloe Moretz Already Played A Superhero And A Vampire, So Naturally A Zombie Is Next

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Chloe Moretz zombie Maggie Black List father daughterAnyone else might be worried about typecasting herself in supernatural films, but Chloe Moretz seems confident enough in her talent (as she should be) that it actually makes sense for her to add zombie to her varied repertoire. Variety reports that she's considering the starring role in Maggie, a film from the 2011 Black List about a father (Paddy Considine, if he takes the part) and daughter in the zombie apocalypse. Shock Till You Drop has the official logline: As a “walking dead” virus spreads across the country, a farm family helps their eldest daughter come to terms with her infection as she slowly becomes a flesh-eating zombie.

This sounds like a tender film with an inevitably sad ending like I Am Legend; of course, we wouldn't expect any less from Chloe. She's proven herself to choose smart entries in the supernatural genre, from the Let Me In remake where she played a centuries-old vampire in a young girl's form to the creepy remake of The Amityville Horror to the campy vampire flick Dark Shadows.

Oh, not to mention her upcoming turn as a telekinetic in the new Carrie. And yet, we wouldn't mind seeing her return to 30 Rock before it gets cancelled and play on her youth while she's still under 16. I think the father-daughter dynamic in Maggie will provide gravitas a la The Poker House, but I don't know if anything can beat Chloe's charming, bizarre scenes with Nicolas Cage in Kick-Ass.

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