Meet Chloe Moretz, Your New Favorite Fashion Zombie

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(Image: Flaunt Magazine)

Fifteen-year old Chloe Moretz has a new interview and photo-shoot out with Flaunt Magazine, which I read was advertised as some of her ‘most mature' work yet. To be honest, that ‘mature' word definitely sets off some warning bells in my head, as its usually a euphemism for younger actresses getting over-sexualized way too early, and I don't want that for Chloe.

And hurray! I got my wish! After looking through them, there's nothing remotely sexual about her new photos for Flaunt. But there's nothing remotely…cheerful about them, either. I don't know if it was a stylist recommendation, or Chloe's own choice, but she isn't smiling in a single picture. She's got the ‘zombie-chic' look completely nailed,which is great for Kate Moss, but slightly off-putting for someone the age of a high-school sophomore.

Granted, I'd much rather have this joyless grayblahmishmash than the Miley Cyrus half-nude poses for that Vanity Fair photo-shoot back in 2008 (when Miley was also fifteen)…but Chloe's so cute when she's smiling! It makes her seem so normal and happy! Look at these pictures from her appearance on The Late Show:

(Image: CBS.com)

She's so adorable! Smile, Chloe! We like that you're fifteen! We don't want you to turn into an over-stressed, moody, gross adult like the rest of us! To be fair, Chloe does seem like she has a pretty good grasp on her own youth and what that means to her. Apparently she's been putting off offers to do a fashion campgain, saying:

‘I’m not doing campaigns yet. I want to wait a couple years, because I think if I do it right now, where am I going to go when I’m 20 and I’ve already done two campaigns or something? You know, I figure, why do everything so young and so fast? I’m only 15. Why rush everything? I’m saving a lot of stuff for later. A fashion campaign will come in due time.'

Good for you, Chloe. I've probably been worrying about you unnecessarily, because that's way more sensible than I was at your age. So yeah, keep listening to your own advice, and maybe just take our advice and smile a little more. You'll thank us when you're older.