Did You Know That Chloe Moretz And Jennifer Lawrence Played Sisters In The Poker House? (With Bonus Video)

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Chloe Moretz Jennifer Lawrence twitpic

The other day Chloe Moretz tweeted this awesome photo with the caption The good ol' days… She looks crazy-young, which is not too surprising since she's only 15. But do you recognize the other blonde in the middle? Yep, it's Jennifer Lawrence! Who knew that these two rising stars had ever crossed paths before now? Better yet, that they were actually friends?

Turns out the two starred in the indie film The Poker House back in 2008: A semi-autobiographical drama from actress-turned-filmmaker Lori Petty in which Agnes (Lawrence) and her two sisters Bee (Sophia Bairley) and Cammie (Moretz) struggle to make it through each day despite having a strung-out mother (Selma Blair) and their only father figure a pimp. It was Jennifer's last movie before she got the Oscar nomination for Winter's Bone — and back then Chloe hadn't yet gotten her first big role in Dirty Sexy Money — so it's not surprising that we never heard of it. The main quote from the movie is so lovely and has been reblogged all over Tumblr:

“I race the sun home in the morning, and the moon up at night. Anything can happen, and anything does. There’s just today—and then there’s tonight. And tonight is wonderful.”

The quote comes from this really sweet scene where the girls are driving at night singing along to “Ain't No Mountain High Enough.” You can imagine that shooting sequences like this is what bonded the three in the above photo.

Since Jennifer Lawrence doesn't have a Twitter, Chloe only tagged their co-star Sophia Bairley. Although she had higher billing than Chloe for The Poker House, since then Sophia has had a fairly lackluster film career. Can we please reunite these three ladies on the red carpet sometime soon?


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