9 Career Paths Chloe Moretz Can Take After If I Stay

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Chloe Moretz black and white


17-year-old Chloe Moretz is starring in a new movie called If I Stay. It's about a teenage girl making important teenage girl decisions about love and life and whether or not to wake up from a coma. It just marks the latest movie in Chloe's transition from precocious child star to grown-up actress. Pretty soon she'll be a young adult, and when that happens, there are a few different paths she can take with her career and personal life.

To help Chloe out with deciding what kind of young Hollywood career she wants, let's take a look at some existing examples. This decision is almost as important as if she'll stay or if she doesn't, so she needs to consider all her options so we can properly pigeonhole her like we've done with these young ladies. Get excited, Chloe!

1. The Everything All At Once Path

Jennifer Lawrence yay Oscars


Example: Jennifer Lawrence

Obscure indie flicks. Blockbusters. Critically acclaimed dramas. Three Oscar nominations before hitting 24. One Oscar win. Multiple trips and falls. A vocal desire to consume food.  A down-to-earth interview personality. A-list pals. Designer gowns. Edgy hairstyles. Just do everything at once, and then pray you don't get burnt out or end up with everyone deciding they don't like you as much as they thought they did. Good luck!

2. The Tabloid Path

Kristen Stewart black and white


Example: Kristen Stewart

Who needs acting ability or successful movie roles when you have public scandals? If you want to go down this path, Chloe, just make sure that your personal life is approximately 100 times more interesting than your onscreen presence.

3. The College Path

Emma Watson laughing


Example: Emma Watson

Chloe recently said she wants to go to college but would like to focus on her acting career first. She's already wise beyond her years, and she'd fit in perfectly on a college campus if she decides to take that step. The biggest difference here is that Chloe seems a bit more, ahem, talented than Emma Watson. Sorry, Emma. We still love you.

4. The Trainwreck Path

Lindsay Lohan smoking gif


Example: Lindsay Lohan

You knew this one was coming. Of course this isn't the kind of path anyone wants Chloe to go down, but we really have to lay out all the options. Chloe, if this path is tempting you for whatever reason, please just watch Liz & Dick and snap out of it.

5. The Girl Next Door Path

Emma Stone


Example: Emma Stone

Everybody loves the girl who shows up to be adorable on our movie screens every few months in blockbusters and fun comedies. Bonus points if you can give extremely likable, Spice-Girls-heavy interviews.

6. The Versatility Path

Shailene Woodley delete shirt


Example: Shailene Woodley

This one's sort of like the Everything All At Once Path, just with not quite as much at once. A nice balance between indie movies and popular franchises is the key, with variety within both categories. Whether or not you take your shoes off on the red carpet is up to you.

7. The “How Old Are You Again?!” Path

Hayden Panettiere black and white


Example: Hayden Panettiere

Did you know that Hayden Panettiere just turned 25? Not only is she engaged and pregnant already, but she's got a very mature persona, both onscreen and off. As does Chloe, so this might actually be a good choice. She just needs some stiff red carpet dresses and a grown-up TV role. We'll wait on the husband and child thing.

8. The Sex Symbol Path

Mila Kunis photoshoot laughing


Example: Mila Kunis

Chloe has quite some time before she can appropriately take on this role, but it's there once she gets older. Let's face it, at this point Mila Kunis is more likely to be placed on a “sexiest woman” list than a list of great actors. That doesn't mean she's not likable or talented in addition to being a dream girlfriend, though. If you're gonna be a sex symbol, she's the one to emulate.

9. The Disappearing Path

Mischa Barton smiling


Example: Mischa Barton

Or, you know, if none of these other choices work out, Chloe can always just fall off the map/radar/face of the earth completely, popping back up every once in a while to make us sad. Hey, whatever floats your boat, girlfriend.