Watching Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Reporter Sister Cry Happy Tears On Air Is Pretty Damn Great

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Chiwetel Ejiofor's sister Zain Asher reacting to his Oscar nomination on CNN January 2014Today has been a really banner day for adorable videos. First we saw Zac Efron meeting his biggest fan at Facebook headquarters, with all the elbow touches and hair kisses you could possibly ask for, and now there's this video of Chiwetel Ejiofor‘s sister Zain Asher reacting to the news of his Academy Award nomination.

I'm always down for checking in with the family members of famous people after an Oscar nom, but Zain's response happens to be particularly appealing because she works as a reporter for CNN. So she's trying to very calmly get the news across to the audience how proud she is of her brother, but genuine emotion keeps breaking through and spoiling it. And by ‘spoiling it' I mean making it so, so much better. It's really very heart-warming.

She's trying to describe how hard he's worked on his acting from such a young age, and how utterly deserving he is of this nomination, and she just can't stop tearing up. It's a really beautiful moment, made all the sweeter by the fact that she's trying to be professional, while everyone around her is like, “No come on, that's exciting, don't apologize!”

The industry can get pretty jaded around this time of year for whatever reason, with people bitter if they don't get nominations or blasé if they do, so it's nice to have a really great reminder that THIS IS AN AMAZING THING. This is what actors work their whole lives for, and even if you don't agree with the nominations, everyone who got one has a big ‘ol phone tree of family and friends to get through of people who can't wait to scream and laugh and cry through the phone.

And that's pretty goddamn wonderful. I love it.