16 Jaw-Dropping Child Star Glow-Ups That Have Us Shocked & Amazed

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Disney Channel

Our favorite young actors all have to grow up at some point, and while some find growing up to be a downward spiral, others shock the world with a glamorous glow-up. Once chubby-cheeked, choker-wearing child stars, these actors went through major transformations — and a few are barely recognizable now!
We will say that quite a few stars who started on Disney Channel have gone from caterpillars to butterflies — and just so happen to be some of the hottest people on the planet right now.
Whether it was mother nature or a new wardrobe and haircut, these celebs went from awkward, gawky children and tweens to stunning adults. It also makes us question why the ~puberty gods~ didn't bless us this much? Life is cruel; we'll get over it.