Forgotten Child Stars Team Up To Make A ‘Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron’ Video

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Forgotten Child Stars Team Up To Make A  Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron  Video kirkcameron jpg

On a scale from 1 to Satan, how horrible is Kirk Cameron? Like, really super horrible. Not only is he a total homophobe who goes on TV to spread his homophobia, but he also completely ruined any Growing Pains nostalgia I ever had. Between his ridiculous comments on how gay people are destroying civilization and Tracy Gold‘s eating disorder confessions, watching an old episode is like watching a depressing Dateline special on the horrors of child actors.

A few former child stars completely agree with me and teamed up to make this Funny or Die video called Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron. While the video’s meant to be a joke, they make a few actually valid points.  Like Kirk Cameron’s wrong about everything he said and that he’s tarnishing the good name of former child celebrities everywhere with his hate-parade.

Not only will their message make you smile, but so will their faces. It’s a blast from your TGIF past and you’re going to be nodding along like, “oh that’s what you look like now!”

The video stars fan favorites like: Christine Lakin, Josie Davis, Kenn Michael and Keith Coogan. You know, the actors who weren’t ever big enough to speak during a VH1 ’90s compilation show, but big enough that you’ll recognize them. It’s almost as if IMDB is doing your celebrity stalking job for you.

So watch, enjoy and let us know what you think!