Chick Flick Check List: New Year’s Eve

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Gary Marshall‘s new celebrity montage movie New Year's Eve is basically an extended infomercial for Mike Bloomberg‘s Times Square. The movie contains more celebrities than Jason Sudeikis‘ bed during SNL‘s off season. Depending on your feelings for weird celebrity pairings, you will either ignore this movie, go see it with your girlfriends, or confuse it for Valentines Day and accidentally watch it on cable for 20 minutes a year from now.

And that's OK with Gary Marshall, who these days seems more interested in how many people (and family members) he can fit into a film than actually creating a coherent plot line or emotional tension. But should you hate watch this movie or skip it? Check out today's Chick Flick Check List to find out.

New Year's Eve's Chick Flick Check List Rating: 66

Likability of the lead: 5/10
No one's really on screen long enough for the audience to develop any sincere feelings about their struggles and story arc. Also, this movie has a built in self-destruct time of midnight. Since you know everything will get sorted out by then, it's more a countdown to see which celebrities will make out with whom.

Chemistry Between The Leads: 5/10
It's hard to develop any sort of chemistry with your scene partner when you've got 2.5 minutes of the audience's attention at a clip. Though New Year's Eve does a good job keeping Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron on screen long enough to give you hope that he will her a Breakfast Club-esque makeover and introduce her to everyone on his wrestling team. Unfortunately, Molly Ringwald never shows up to give her a lesson in lip gloss application. Downer.

Plot/Script: 5/10
There are so many people in this movie that a few of them have to shoulder their way into actually having speaking parts. Not only did Alyssa Milano, Sarah Paulson and Carla Giugino get shafted from the poster, but Greg Kinnear never even made it into the final cut of the movie. There are a lot of moments that are hastily thrown together. And Marshall doesn't even worry about it. When you have this many people in a movie, you don't need montages to get the plot moving. You just literally make the actors run through the screen to get their story lines tied up before the closing credits.

Chance of wringing tears out of viewers: 6/10
Halle Berry gets a little teary eyed moment, and Robert DeNiro plays a cancer patient! If you're an easy cryer, they might get a few drops out of you. But there's not enough time to pay attention to anyone in particular to care too much.

Wardrobe: 8/10
There are plenty of hot dresses and sequins and tuxedos in this movie to keep everyone entertained. And depending on your feelings about Sophia Vergara‘s breasts, you will either get a pleasant or unpleasant surprise towards the end of the movie.

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